Primary schools art scheme of work / lesson plans covering keystage 1, KS1 and keystage 2 KS2.  Primary schools art scheme of work / lesson plans covering keystage 1, KS1 and keystage 2 KS2. 

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Even at the students' young age we believe their education should be structured and challenging. It is a perfect age to lay the foundation of their class habits, to make them active and independent learners. Every term will teach them so much that they can build on in the future. Basic painting skills lessons will be expanded and developed to improve vocabulary and communication. With targeted activities and tasks the student will further enforce the lessons learned.

This is what the autumn term holds for these budding artists. If you have any questions about the curriculum or course material please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you.

Autumn Term

A) Drawing and Painting (All about us)

Unit Covers:

          Art, 2D, individual work in line, colour, shape. Painting


          Explore ideas

          To teach and reinforce the following skills:-

o         Express observations and review work

o         Hold and use brush correctly

o         Name and identify colours

o         Paint lines and shapes to represent people

o         Paint human figure, including identifiable details


          To paint portrait of someone that they know that helps them



       1) Talk about all the people who help us, how do we identify them?
       2) Individual work- paint portraits
Talk about work- children to explain what they did


          10 mins/ 10-20 mins/ 10 mins



          look for individual skills (see Purpose)

          language skills. Use descriptive and expressive language in discussion and review process. 

Vocabulary opportunities with words / phrases related to:

          Lines e.g. thick, bold, wavy, broken

          Colours e.g. bright, dull, light

          Colour mixing e.g. named colours, thick, thin, watery, blended etc.

          Shapes e.g. long, oval, curly

          Composition in a painting e.g. arranging

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